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Designer x Educator


Human-Centered Design grad with a problem-solving knack. Skilled in user research, innovative teaching, and tech-driven education.

Recent works

Teach for India

Unlocking Creativity: Integrating Art & Craft in Education to Enhance Learning Across Subjects - Embrace the Power of Hands-On Learning!


Project Cooum

Students' paper wastage and plastic disposal studied. Cooum River pollution explored via art for innovative solutions.


Making at the center of being

Unlocking Creativity: Integrating Art & Craft in Education to Enhance Learning Across Subjects - Embrace the Power of Hands-On Learning!

Comic on Consumerism

Explored comic basics, studied global evolution, and crafted an educational comic on consumerism.


About Me.

Undergraduate degree in Human-Centered Design has equipped me with problem-solving skills and the ability to approach situations from different perspectives. I enjoy finding practical solutions to complex challenges and believe in designing with the user in mind. Throughout my studies, I have learned how to conduct user research, create prototypes, and refine designs to meet users' needs effectively. 


During my two-year experience as a Teach for India Fellow, I used innovative teaching methods that included art, interactive games, and customized techniques to spark curiosity and make learning engaging. This fellowship helped me develop skills in collaborating with various stakeholders, organizing projects, and finding creative solutions. I also learned the importance of empathy in creating a safe learning environment. Inspired by my time as a Fellow, I am excited about working in the education sector and using technology to enhance learning and make education more accessible for everyone.

Education/ Experience



Teach for India

:: Literacy, numeracy, social studies, and Science Fellow for 32 students in grade-4 at a corporation school in Chennai.

:: Growth level of 1.2 on the Reading Level Framework for 65% of the students.

:: Collaborations with Organisations like Mindshala, Enabling Leadership (football), and Walkforplastic for holistic learning. 

:: Employed innovative teaching methods that combine art, interactive games, and tailored techniques to foster curiosity, ignite interest, and enhance the experience in the learning process.


Human Centered Design

Srishti Institute (University of Mysore)

Human-Centered Design focuses on solving complex problems keeping human concerns at the center. The program focuses on designing systems, services, spaces, and products by exploring the possibilities and implications of shaping technology.

The vision is to create an interdisciplinary environment of learning that fosters a creative and located inquiry into human experiences with technology, both existing and emerging. Along with informed positioning, imaginative critical making remains at the core of this program, treated as a tool to ideate, tinker, play, and express with technology.


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