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Teach for India

During my time with Teach For India, I embraced diverse teaching approaches. I used art, play, and projects to teach in fun ways. I prioritized to foster a genuine enthusiasm for self-directed learning and to instill a sense of ownership in students for their educational journey. My emphasis was on to cultivate a dynamic learning environment where students not only absorbed knowledge but also acquired the skills to become lifelong learners. Central to my mission was the creation of a secure and supportive space that facilitated optimal learning and growth.


Creating a safe space for learning

The primary goal was to establish a safe environment where students could freely explore and make mistakes, allowing them to discover their own unique learning methods and infuse an element of enjoyment and fascination into the learning process.

Learning through art & play

Implemented holistic educational approach of learning through art and play to foster creativity and critical thinking in the students. Learning through painting, music, drama, or interactive games, the hands-on approach engage multiple senses, making learning more immersive and memorable. 

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